Rapid Design Services

Kynesim can work with clients through all stages of product design from supporting development of requirements specifications through rapid prototyping, certification and design for manufacture.

Development timescales can be further reduced by use of reference designs - pre-designed modules of hardware and software fuctionality that have been pre-tested together.

Technical Skills

Our team have extensive experience in the design and programming of a wide range of embedded systems, from FPGAs and microcontrollers through SoCs and soft processors to set-top boxes, codecs, PVRs, embedded PCs and server programming.

This wide range of expertise makes us an ideal partner to develop entire products, from hardware design through operating systems software and middleware to the implementation of servers that the system communicates with.

Reference Designs

Kynesim have developed two initial reference designs including both hardware designs and the associated core software. These designs help to reduce risk and significantly shorten product development in these market areas. The designs include a pick and mix approach to the required interfaces. Once the core elements have been agreed the design can be physically customised to fit the clients case design and functionally customised to meet to the specific customer requirements.